My heart is yours

I'm not a misguided ghost
like Paramore song, misguided ghosts
but I always going fly...
fly between the wind of world...

I always be patient to wait these...
all the chance...
like world of chance...
Demi Lovato song, world of chances

but, I can't fly between that world..
I'm only fly half of world..
including my first love...
on the first think,
on the first Physics,
on the first play guitar,
and on the first study every night...

He is going to leave me...
It's forever,
but he will back to that city
he will back to his child world, on SMP

if my heart stops beating
it wont hurt this much
and never
will I have to
answer again to anymore..

please don't get me

because, I'll never let this go...
but I can't find the
words to tell you..
I don't want to be alone...
but now I feel like I
don't know you...(Paramore - Let This Go)"

He will back again..
And my world will back again too.
I don't know, why I so lost him.. But, he is not my forever love.. Maybe, only My God and The Great Prophet and his friends are my lovely love.. Insya Allah

Go away!!!
The worst think and kelakuan kuwwhhh!!
Capek, bila kita selalu dimanja-manja oleh hati berbunga
Kehilangan, pasti ada
tapi, kalo ingin memiliki selamanya,
semua orang pasti bilang iya!!

Goodbye SMP!!

Welcome SMA! On SMA Negeri 1 Sumenep, Madura Jawa Timur...

Hope I will be better....


  1. bentar lagi MOS nie,seru-seruan masa untuk mengawali jadi pelajar SMA nie mbak...

  2. wah, selamat ya sudah SMA ni yeee

  3. udh jd anak SMA ya,,udah gede nih...

  4. IsnA: wahh.. keren jadi ABG SMA!!


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