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About Bored and Die to Life

Sometimes, life make you bored to life. You, sometimes, think about die. You wanna die because you bored of all this.

But, sometimes too. You don't wanna die. You're opinion that, there will something make you frighten about die like "kubur", "ahli kubur", "kiamat", "Munkar and Nakir", and so all. Do you?

Or, if you die. You will not get another part of fun in your life like you stay live in your life. You will not get his smile when you sad or alone. When you alone, he will meet you and talk what you feel at that time. Do you?

When you die, when you at "kubur". Just "Munkar and Nakir" angels who accompanied you. Among of darkness, loneliness, peaceness but frightened. You just answer all question from that angels, but your mouth is locked. SO what? Just your hands; it will up, your feet, it will kick anything if you ever kick someone or something, your eyes, your ear. It looks so easy for "them". But...


You are going to feel it, in this time, or later..


  1. saya baru saja diceramahi di masjid, jadi sekarang lagi seger-segernya


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